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Transparent OLED

Introducing Transparent OLED Display

The Screen Remains Transparent

Transparent OLED Display is completely see-through, even when switched off. This is a very important factor, especially for merchandisers and designers and because of this, it allows Transparent OLED Screens to be used amazingly well for applications such as indoor window displays, events and exhibitions and retail applications.


Turn your environment into a productivity masterpiece with the intuitive and luxurious display of Transparent OLED Display with 10-points multi touch.

Visual Impact

Transparent OLED Display blends into its surroundings seamlessly and naturally. The display’s see-through view turns places where it is installed into open and interactive spaces.

Easy to Install

Installation hardware(table-top leg stand, window frame mounting hinges) is provided for easy installation in any environment.

Collaboration and custom design services for Transparent OLED Display

In addition to the commercial off-the-shelf LUSID transparent display, Bi-Search International also provides engineering services for custom and unique solutions.

As an early adopter of LG Display’s Transparent OLED Display, Bi-Search International has acquired extensive experience and know-how related to the design, integration and testing of Transparent OLED Displays for custom products. Bi-Search International is actively collaborating with several industry leaders with the goal of introducing Transparent OLED Display technology into everyday products for different market segments such as hospitality, entertainment, transportation and retail.

If you or your company are interested in integrating Transparent OLED Display into an existing or new product, you are not alone. There is an ongoing race to bring Transparent OLED Display technology into the market. Harness Bi-Search International’s extensive technical knowledge and beat the competition. Bi-Search International offers guidance and support to overcome the technical challenges for the successful integration of Transparent OLED Display technology into your product.