The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of touchless and contactless interfaces in KIOSK industries. These displays serve as the primary interface for users, providing them with information, facilitating transactions, and enabling various self-service tasks. Advances in display resolution, touch sensitivity, and durability have enabled kiosks to deliver rich multimedia content and intuitive user experiences across diverse sectors such as retail, healthcare, transportation, and hospitality, driving the industry's growth and innovation.

What we can do

BSI is ready to attend the demand by offering LCD displays that meet the KIOSK industry requirements such as brightness, touch screen solutions, reduce power consumption, glare resistance, and wide temperature with products that can withstand the demands of indoor and outdoor environment. With displays such as LCD, OLED, and Transparent OLED from 7” up to 77”, BSI provides customized designs and touch screen integration that meet specific needs.