Optical Bonding

Why BSI is the Best for Optical Bonding?

Bi-Search has been providing Optical Bonding services since 2013. Over many years of experience, we have established a base of materials and processes that can be tailored to your specific application. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, we have a solution for you. Our products have been pushed to the limits and are tried and true on the field. If something unfortunate were to happen to your display, we also have the ability to rework and repair with minimal potential damage.

100% automated Optical Bonding process for high accuracy and consistency.

Capability to Glass Bonding

Capability to bond various sizes, between 2.8” and 86” OCA Bonding / OCR Bonding

Class 1,000 / Class 10,000 Clean Room

Multiple OCR / OCA Adhesive configurations depending upon performance/environmental requirements.

Adjustable Optical Bonding line thicknesses.

In-House equipment and testing

What is Optical Bonding?

Optical Bonding is a process where a layer of resin (OCR) or film (OCA) adhesive is applied between the glass or touchscreen and TFT LCD panel of a monitor, bonding them to make a solid laminate with no gaps or pockets of air. When choosing a screen for any project, you should evaluate the environment and operating conditions the screen will have to endure. Industrial grade screens and panel PCs are made rugged with all types of features available to withstand any type of application. One such feature available to consider is Optical Bonding.

Optical Bonding is popular among the medical, military, transportation and retail sectors whereby a higher performing display is required due to the harsh environments. Optical Bonding is suited to industries that tend to use rugged displays in high reliability environments or industries where displays need to be seen in high ambient light conditions. The process of Optical Bonding is particularly well suited and much more effective when applied to devices that operate outdoors or in heavily lighted environments.

With Optical Bonding

Without Optical Bonding

What is OCA / OCR Bonding?

OCA Bonding

(Dry Bonding with Clear Adhesive Sheet)

OCA Bonding or Optical Clear Adhesive Bonding is an alternative form of bonding which is better suited for higher production volumes. OCA Bonding uses an optically clear adhesive film to bond a touch screen or cover glass to the surface of the display. Although there are some mechanical limitations to OCA Bonding, we offer multiple thicknesses of film which help to overcome those challenges.

OCR Bonding

(Wet Bonding with Clear Resin)

OCR Bonding, also known as Optically Clear Resin Bonding, is a technique used to bond two or more surfaces together. OCR Bonding involves applying a thin layer of clear silicone-based resin between a display and cover glass or touch screen. This process can be done both manually and with automated equipment. OCR Bonding is preferred in applications where substrates are irregularly shaped or curved. Additionally, OCR Bonding can provide excellent optical clarity and minimize the appearance of visible gaps.

OCA Bonding Machine

oca machine

 Available Size: 2.0" ~ 65"

 Fully automotive

OCR Bonding Machine

 Available Size: 2.0" ~ 105"

 Fully automotive

Clean Room A

 Class 1,000

 2,500 Sq. Ft.

Clean Room B

 Class 10,000

 2,500 Sq. Ft.